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Decorative LED Numbers

Light up your party with our decorative LED numbers


When it comes to arranging a special event, such as a wedding, christening, party, or prom, the small touches may create or break the atmosphere. The usage of decorative LED numbers is one such detail that lends a touch of magic and romance to any occasion. 


So, how can you use our decorative LED lights?


Wedding Reception Showstoppers


Make a bright statement on your wedding day by using beautiful LED numbers as a distinctive centrepiece for your wedding reception. Pick numbers that represent your wedding date or the couple's initials to add a special touch. Place the lit numbers on the dance floor or behind the head table to create a beautiful backdrop for photos and to catch your guests' attention as they enter the venue.


Christening Celebrations


Celebrate the occasion of your child's christening with LED numbers that indicate their birthdate or initials. To create a heart-warming centre point for your event, place the illuminating numbers near the venue's entrance or close to the cake table. These illuminated numbers will not only provide a whimsical touch to the party, but they will also provide an excellent photo opportunity with your family and friends.


Party Time Perfection


Decorative LED numbers can elevate the mood and bring a touch of fun and excitement to any celebration, regardless of the theme. For a New Year's Eve party, use them to represent the birthday person's age, initials, or even the current year. Set up the LED numbers as a backdrop for a DIY photo booth or near the food and drink stations to create an appealing glow that will give your guests something to truly appreciate.


Prom Night Enchantment


Decorative LED numbers will add a touch of glitz and magic to your prom night. Pick your graduating class year or the prom theme to create a stunning display that will leave an impact on your classmates. Install the illuminated numbers near the entrance, near the DJ booth, or as a backdrop for the official prom photo station. The flashing numbers will not only illuminate the night, but will also act as a continual reminder of the memorable memories created with friends.

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